Preceptor Benefits

Once appointed to the clinical faculty of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, instructors become eligible for certain benefits. Some of these benefits are for the site of the rotations and some are for the faculty member. The following list summarizes these benefits:

Access to State University System facilities and state rates:

The State of Florida University system includes eleven Universities. Faculty have access to some of the facilities of these universities., e.g. Libraries, etc. Clinical Faculty of the University of Florida are also eligible for discounted rates on rental cars and lodging. These are not always the lowest discount available, but they are almost always available. The current state contract for rental cars is with AVIS, but other companies may give discounts as well if asked. Lodging discounts vary from place to place. You will need to have a University of Florida Gator1 identification card in order to take advantage of these rates.

Access to the University of Florida Health Science Center Library:

Clinical Faculty of the University of Florida are eligible to receive access to the HSC library via the library proxy server. This process is for those faculty actively participating in the education of our students and is renewed yearly. Please contact Candice Walker ( for more information.

Access to Discounted CE from the UF College of Pharmacy:

University of Florida College of Pharmacy Preceptors who wish to access CE courses offered by the Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education at a discounted rate should be aware of the following new process:

1. Use the webform to request discounted prices: Preceptor Discounted CE Webform

  • Under title, select UF preceptor
  • Courses and discounted prices are listed on the webform

2. The Office of Continuing Pharmacy Education will verify with the Office of Entrepreneurial Education that the requesting individual is indeed a UFCOP preceptor.

3. Upon verification, the Office of Continuing Education will send a link to the requesting individual to register for the course at the discounted price within 1-2 business days.


Access to Free CE and Resources from the Pharmacist’s Letter:

Clinical Faculty of the University of Florida are eligible for free CE and resources from the Pharmacist’s Letter. Through a contract with the Pharmacist’s Letter we have established a website to provide this. By using the link below you will be identified as a UF preceptor and have access to the CE and resources. The CE programs are concentrated on clinical teaching. The other kinds of resources available via the link are journal clubs, activity ideas, assignments ideas a preceptor discussion board, etc.

Additional Benefits and Access to University pricing for some goods:

Clinical Faculty of the University of Florida are eligible for university pricing for some items. To be clear this is not the pricing the university gets for institutional purchases, but the price negotiated by the university for personal purchases by faculty, staff, students etc. Please note that although some of these are good discounts they may not be the BEST discount. You should still shop around. There are several places this pricing can be found. You will need your Gator 1 card for discounts.